Jet Is Home

Hey Friends, 

The doctors were pleased with Jet’s progress this week and determined that he was ready to come home to Chino-land. The air has never smelled so good. The heat has never felt so refreshing. The sight of rain in the middle of summer has never felt more appropriate (sarcasm?). That’s right folks, we are home! 

Eat, sleep, poop… that is the new rhythm. Our world revolves around those three words. In fact, I would like to ask you to pray over those three things. First, please pray that Jet continues to eat well. As a premie, he needs to eat more frequent and gain more weight. Second, please pray that we all get enough sleep and rest each day. And lastly, please pray that Jet’s little intestines continue to work properly. What goes in, must come out. Parents understand what I’m saying :) 

We have been overwhelmed by all of your love and support. Thank you for the meals, gifts, diapers, and prayers! We love you much. 





God's Got This